Mar 01
Technology, Developers, and Bears, Oh My!

Hello everyone! Just a note that the silence has been mostly from my developer…

Jun 23
Fits and Starts. Hiccups. Bumps In the Road.

Hello, Vineyard Adventurers! We wanted to let you know that the regional blogging…

Mar 31
Traveling in Tuscany: Mind the Curves

Tuscany is truly a magical place to rent a car and just drive around, and for some to…

Mar 29
It’s NOT Always All About Florence – The Culture of Tuscany

"...lightly, softly, go yourself, to Tuscany..." - Guido Cavalcanti It took me over…

Mar 27
Think You Know Chianti? Dig A Little Deeper.

“This does NOT look like the postcards,” I said to myself looking out across the…

Mar 12
The Simple, Rustic Pleasures of Tuscan Food

The scenery of Tuscany is glorious, but for me, the very most enchanting part of…

Mar 11
Cream of Tomato and Carrots with “Onion’s Perfume”

Delicious Umbrian Recipe from our dear friends at Locanda del Teatro in Montefalco

Mar 11
Ragu Toscano

A delicious, traditional Ragu Toscano recipe from our dear friends at Il Leccio…

Mar 11
Tuscan Farro Salad

This recipe is a twist on the classic recipe which is usually served cold with lemon…

Feb 28
Umbria: Travel Resources

One of the best reasons to visit Umbria is that it’s a bit out of the way of the usual…

Feb 22
The Green Heart of Italy – Culture in Umbria

Umbria possesses a wealth of cultural heritage as well as a natural beauty giving the…

Feb 14
The Culinary Delights of Umbria – Savory, Seasonal, Superb

Being the only landlocked region of Italy gives Umbria a unique foodshed compared to…