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Mar 12
The Simple, Rustic Pleasures of Tuscan Food

The scenery of Tuscany is glorious, but for me, the very most enchanting part of…

Mar 11
Cream of Tomato and Carrots with “Onion’s Perfume”

Delicious Umbrian Recipe from our dear friends at Locanda del Teatro in Montefalco

Feb 14
The Culinary Delights of Umbria – Savory, Seasonal, Superb

Being the only landlocked region of Italy gives Umbria a unique foodshed compared to…

Jan 24
Italian Culture Basics

When we think about Italian culture, several things might immediately pop into our…

Jan 17
Italian Food Basics

From the steep Alpine slopes of Sampeyre to the coastline of Napoli, all the way down…

Jan 03
Welcome to the new Vineyard Adventures

Buongiorno e buon anno! Hello and happy new year! More than a year ago, I was…

Oct 17
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: W

W is for white cauliflower: White cavolfiore (cauliflower) is widely and…

Oct 10
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: V

V is for vitellone bianco dell’apennine centrale IGP: The Vitellone Bianco…

Sep 26
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: U

U is for uova ‘mpriatorio: Uova ‘Mpriatorio (oo-oh-vah m-pree-ah-tor-ee-oh) is a…

Aug 08
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: Q

Q is for Quaglia di Capri: A traditionally popular and economically valuable dish of…

Aug 01
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: P

P is for Patata novella: The image of Italy may recall baskets of tomatoes, plates of…

Jun 06
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: J

J is for Jellied Pork: Jellied pork, or gelatina di maiale, has a strong Irpinian…