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Mar 12
The Simple, Rustic Pleasures of Tuscan Food

The scenery of Tuscany is glorious, but for me, the very most enchanting part of…

Mar 11
Cream of Tomato and Carrots with “Onion’s Perfume”

Delicious Umbrian Recipe from our dear friends at Locanda del Teatro in Montefalco

Mar 11
Ragu Toscano

A delicious, traditional Ragu Toscano recipe from our dear friends at Il Leccio…

Feb 14
The Culinary Delights of Umbria – Savory, Seasonal, Superb

Being the only landlocked region of Italy gives Umbria a unique foodshed compared to…

Jan 17
Italian Food Basics

From the steep Alpine slopes of Sampeyre to the coastline of Napoli, all the way down…

Apr 18
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: G

G is for gragnano pasta: Gragnano (grah-nyah-no) pasta IGP indicates a high-quality…

Apr 13
Frijenno Magnanno – Pasta e Patate al Forno

This chilly, wet spring day I choose this comfort food dish, full of gooey cheese,…

Apr 08
Food & Wine Word of the Week: cavatappi

This week we will kill two birds with one stone with cavatappi. Cavatappi is both a…

Mar 28
The ABC’s of Campania Food & Wine: D

ABC's of Campania Food & Wine. Eating & drinking through Campania one letter at a…

Mar 16
Frijenno Magnanno – Bucatini alla Napoletana

As I looked over the recipes from Frijenno Magnanno, my eye immediately went to…