Welcome to the new Vineyard Adventures

Buongiorno e buon anno! Hello and happy new year!

More than a year ago, I was searching for wineries on other travel and directory sites. What I found was the standard fare, easily found in other guidebooks and on the well-trodden wine lover’s path. Even these directory listings provided only basic information about opening times and location. I envisioned an online guidebook that offered more to the wine enthusiast; profiles of the winemakers and staff, a listing of wines produced and grapes grown, wine-centric restaurants and accommodations at all price levels.

Technology proved to be the challenge. What you see now is its third iteration after 2 disastrous and expensive attempts to create what I had in mind, but we are finally here. There are a few things to still iron out, with your input, and I look forward to creating this guide with your needs in mind.

In addition to directory listings, the site aims to be educational to the first time, and experienced, traveler to Italy. An ambitious writing project will cover all 20 regions of Italy, one month at a time. Articles will be broken up by theme:

WINE: The appellation system of Italy isn’t the most user-friendly and these posts aim to teach about the wine in “reverse” order from how I learned them. We’ll start with broad generalities and work our way toward what you should be looking for on the label in the shop.

FOOD: The regional and micro-regional foods of Italy are as diverse as the wines. These posts will enlighten you to ingredients you may have never heard of and may see on your travels in the area. We will talk to local growers and chefs and provide a few recipes.

CULTURE: Each region of Italy has its own customs and traditions many created before unification. Special festivals, notable museums and places of interest will be covered

TRAVEL: The nuts and bolts of getting to and around the region. Airport logistics, train station tips and tricks, car rentals and more.

I hope you will enjoy the new Vineyard Adventures. As always, custom travel planning services are available, just drop us a line.


  • Andrew
    January 3, 2017 at 13:03

    well this is very exciting… plenty of work to keep you busy and us entertained and inspired!

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